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Lab tests


Fractographic characterizations and metallographic analyses

Evaluation of materials

Testing intelligent electronic devices (DEI in Spanish)
Electromagnetic compatibility
Testing protective relay equipment
Testing control systems
Temperature and humidity


Electrical tests

Warming-cooling cycles to connectors for cables up to 1113 KCM
Diagnosis for lightning arresters, up to 400 kV
Temperature rise (Test equipment up to 6000 A, monophasic and triphasic)
Measuring the corona, radio-interference, partial discharges, capacitance, dielectric and humidity losses in sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6)
Cable testing (Test equipment for cables up to 230 kV)
Tests involving 60 Hz tension, with one or two sources simultaneously (Test equipment up to 1000 kV)
Tests for impulse tension (Test equipment up to 3500 kV lightning; 2600 kV maneuver)
External insulation tests in a contaminated environment (Test equipment up to 500 kV)
Tests for high potency low tension short circuits. 150 MVA – 1 second, 5 continuous MVA, from 184 to 1700 volts.
Tests for high potency short circuits, 2200 MVA – 0.3 seconds
Simultaneous testing of impulse tension and 60 Hz tension
Life testing of polymeric insulators and coatings
Prototype testing of distribution transformers
Prototype testing of watt-hour meters


Mechanical tests


Evaluation and diagnosis of insulated hydraulic cranes working on energized lines

Corrosion control methods in: anti-corrosive coatings, cathodic protection, corrosion inhibitors and use of non-metallic materials
Mechanical testing for cables, insulators, ironworks and safety equipment


Chemical tests


Analysis of insulating oils

Analysis of polychlorinated biphenyl content in insulating oils
Physiochemical analysis of oils and water
Gas chromatography
Dielectric rigidity

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