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 LAPEM Technical services

Quality models counseling, specialized technical assistance and training.


     Evaluation, development and improvement counseling of quality direction systems.

Service general description:

The suppliers development area is responsible for coordinating, training, supplying and make formal necessary activities concerning Exertion of Quality systems according to ISO 9000:2000 regulation, to get the guides that organizations require and be approved  as CFE goods and services suppliers.

It develops specialized assistance to fulfill environmental exertion regulations such as ISO-14000, development programs evaluation in sigma six, statistics tools and other frontier matters.

Applies to:

Assistance and support activities COORDINATION made for the quality exertion systems development that organizations require to carry out their processes in an orderly and systematic manner to belong to CFE catalogue suppliers.

TRAINING through courses at LAPEM facilities or in places according to the participant request previous agreement.

The courses program is available in the next league: suppliers course imparted by CFE

The suppliers development area does the Six Sigma methodology application diagnosis according to the Enterprises Evaluation Specification to all those organizations that are in the continuous improvement process.

Quality technology and systems service

Service description:

Counseling on quality systems evaluation, development and  improvement, continuous improvement processes diagnosis and formation of quality systems, specialized personnel that allows to control and improve their processes, reorient their indicators as well as improve the organization performance.

Applies to:

Federal government Entities and Dependencies as to external organizations belonging or not to the electrical sector.


     Assistance on technical normalizing systems design and development for goods and services companies.

    Specialized technical training.


To give high level training on the application of specialized software, dynamic stability studies, transitory and voltage, aspects related to measurement, energy quality analysis, transmission lines electric design, reactive power compensators design, etc...


Besides training manuals and support material will be provided for the courses with a practical illustration and in necessary cases,Software supporting.


CFE counts with personnel in teaching and training which has imparted courses to CFE   different areas personnel,  industry personnel and Central America electric companies personnel.

    Industrial safety and civil protection training.

We offer the necessary training in your company to minimize working risks and prepare your personnel for national standards certifications:

  • Industrial safety and civil protection courses catalogue  (SAST/OHSAS interpretation)

  • Auditors qualification on inner national level security

  • Interpreting regulation OHSAS 18000 (30H) seminary

  • Educating inner auditors on Security Administration and Occupational Health systems (40h)

  • Civil protection workshop course (40h)

  • Civil protection methodology course (CENAPRED) (40h)

  • Risks level global evaluation workshop (18h)

  • Accidents analysis and investigation seminary-workshop (40h)

  • Civil protection basic course

     Power electrical and industrial systems training.


Train engineers and technicians related to the power systems analysis, high, medium and low tension installations design, protections studies, electromagnetic transitory analysis, problems on energy quality, isolation coordinating studies, etc...


Plus training manuals and support material will be provided along with practical illustration and in necessary cases, supporting software.


CFE counts with experienced teaching and training personnel which has imparted courses to CFE different areas personnel, industries and Central American electric companies.

     Inspection, tests, evaluations and technical audits.

    Specialized engineering counseling.



Exploration and sampling of ground, rocks and the like:

  • Technical evaluation of concrete structures

  • Control quality and technical supervision

  • Superficial and deep foundations  design

  • Exterior and underground digging design

  • Natural and artificial slope stability analysis

  • Drainage system design

  • Rocky ground protection, treatment, support and improvement systems design

  • Concrete mix design

  • Elaboration of geotechnical specifications and concretes


  • Seismological webs design, installation and operation

  • Seismological instrumentation for strong movements

  • Characterization of terrain, seismological risk and zone delimitation

  • Seismological design parameters



Design and calculation of executive projects on:

  • Pressurized liquids and gravity lines

  • Water supply systems

  • Drain webs

  • Canals

  • Basins and rivers protection

  • Inundation control studies

Geology and geophysics


Semi detailed and detailed regional studies on:

  • Roads and bridges tracing

  • Tunnel tracing

  • Slope stability judgment

  • Sanitary fillings location

  • Hydraulic webs outlining

  • Drilling and explorations location

  • Aquiferous geometric definition

  • Wells hydraulic parameters

Structures safety

  • Complete assistance on instrumentation projects

  • Instrumentation installation, measurement and care

  • Data control and process

  • Inspection of structures

  • Structures safety evaluation


  • Costal topobathimetrical measuerments

  • Marine protection structures

  • Sting design

  • Coastal currents measurement

     Assistance and support on regulating area fulfillment.

    Quality control, acceptation tests and prototypes services.

General description of services:

Supervision on equipment, products and materials quality acquired by CFE or others, according to regulations and requirements hired, also establishing acceptation criteria for all important supplies for plants and installations.

They are subdivided in manufacturing tests and inspections and testing in place.  They are to confirm warranty levels established on CFE specifications of contracts basis of licitation and ratified by manufacturers and suppliers.  They are carried out in new installations  as well as after major maintenance services to Commercial Operation Centrals.

They also help to determine the fulfillment of stipulated parameters for materials and equipment qualification, the tests are made in our laboratories or the manufacturer’s.

Applies to:

All equipment, products and material bought by CFE by routinely acceptance tests,  to verify contractual requirements and including:


  • Mechanical, electric and electronic equipment and products, electrical protections, instrumentation and control of Generating Centrals equipment.

  • Behavior tests of speed regulators,tensión and centrals automatic control

  • Centrals guaranteed rated capacity tests

  • Environmental noise test according to ecological regulations

  • Thermal electrical centrals emission tests

  • Evaluation tests of thermal regime, thermal cycle and inner performance calculations of steam and gas turbines.

  • Evaluation tests of cooling systems (on and off) in steam centrals

  • Electrical mechanical equipment

  • Control and electronic equipment

  • Ironwork and accessories

  • Isolators

  • Electrical substations

  • Transmission lines


Office of acceptation for constant emissions of prototypes to materials and equipment.
General description of the service:  Evaluation and witnessing prototype tests developed on equipment and materials according to CFE technical specifications, CFE reference regulations, Mexican Official regulation, Mexican laws or country of origin and manufacturer specification

Última modificación: 6/10/2012