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 Field Tests

Field tests

  • Diagnosis of insulation in transformers

  • Diagnosis of pressure pipes in hydroelectric plants

  • Diagnosis of insulation in electric generators

  • Diagnosis and adjustment of automatic tension regulators

  • Diagnosis and adjustment of automatic speed regulators

  • Efficiency of the thermodynamic cycle, turbine and steam generator

  • Steam generator emissions   

Non-destructive tests

  • Corrosion studies

  • Evaluation of steam generator additives

  • Evaluation of oil filling conditions in transformers

  • Evaluation of cooling systems

  • Evaluation of thermal regime

  • Measuring vibrations and balance in rotary equipment

  • Combustion optimization

  • Testing intelligent electronic devices (DEI in Spanish)

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Testing protective relays

  • Testing control systems

  • Temperature and humidity

  • Tests for equipment and systems acceptance

  • Electrical tests

  • Humidity content in transformers and reactors

  • Partial discharges in transformers and reactors

  • Diagnosis for lightning arresters, up to 400 kV

  • Lightning and maneuver impulse

  • Measuring electrical ground connection

  • Cable testing (Test equipment for cables up to 230 kV)

  • Tests and readings of sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6) up to 400 kV in substations

  • Frequency response in transformers and reactors

  • Thermography in substations

  • Verification of sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6) quality

  • Mechanical tests

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of insulated hydraulic cranes working on energized lines

  • Corrosion control methods in: anti-corrosive coatings, cathodic protection, corrosion inhibitors and use of non-metallic materials

  • Operational installation of equipment and systems

  • Dynamic response of steam generator control

  • Control tuning

  • Thermography for equipment and systems

  • Mechanical vibrations involving structures and static equipment

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