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 Engineering services

The engineering services offered by LAPEM are:
  • Engineering studies
  • Insulation in lines and substations
  • Analysis of failure and root causes in equipment and systems
  • Risk analysis of cooling towers
  • Dynamic analysis of rotary equipment and structure
  • Transmission lines electromagnetic field
  • Combustion
  • Line performance when facing atmospheric discharges
  • Reliability
  • Corrosion
  • Diagnosis of auxiliary equipment
  • Integral diagnosis of interruption equipment
  • Integral diagnosis of steam generators
  • Integral diagnosis of central generation systems
  • Integral diagnosis of transformers

  • Integral diagnosis of turbo-generators

  • Diagnosis and adjustment of fire prevention systems
  • Wastewater studies
  • Evaluation of insulation in insulated potency cables
  • Vibration in transmission lines
  • Residual life of turbine rotors
  • Residual life of steam generator pipes


Última modificación: 6/10/2012