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 Calibration and metrology services

Magnitud Services
 Dimensional: Calibration of dial indicators, angle gauges, micrometers, vernier calipers, rulers, flexometers, electric micro comparator, thickness gauges, height gauges and calibrators for dial indicators.
 Electrical: Calibration of meters and indicators of alternating and continuous electrical tension, electrical resistance gauge, alternating and continuous electric current, phase angle, capacitance, inductance, transformation relation, continuous and alternating electrical potency. Energy.
Flow:   Calibration of mass flux gauges.
Force: Calibration of force testing instruments, in both traction and compression modes, load cells, dynamometers, and force measuring machines, in both traction and compression modes.
Humidity:  Calibration of relative humidity gauges and generators.
Masa:  Calibration of instruments for weights, scales and balances, and calibration of weights and weight sets.
Pressure:  Calibration of manometric relative pressure gauges, negative and absolute pressure instruments, such as manometers, transducers and pressure transmitters, barometers, liquid columns and pressure scales.
Temperature:  Calibration off temperature indicators, liquid thermometers made of TLV glass, resistance thermometers made of RTD platinum and thermopars.
Time and frequency: Calibration of function generators, signal, time markers, synthesizers, communication analyzers, universal counters, time measuring devices, timers, chronometers, potency generators, frequency meters, spectrophotometers, oscilloscopes and GPS devices.

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