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 Working of natural resources counseling

Quality control on mineral coal supply and explotation

We count with 25 years experience on coal reserves exploration and evaluation to work on:

  • Handle and storage of coal

    • Discharge control in yards

    • Density register inventory and topographic laser equipment control

  • Infrastructure maintenance such as sample collectors ribbons

  • Quality control of open cut mines

    • Samples collection and laboratory tests

  • Quality control on suppliers delivery

    • Trucks sampling

    • Railroad sampling

    • Ships sampling

    • Coal samples received by ribbons

    • Coal in feeding containers samples

  • Received coal weighting control by static and dynamic scales

  • Projects evaluation and development on:

    • Complete handle of coal

    • Quality control

    • Homogeneousness and mixing of coal coming from different sources

  • Laboratory tests

    • Humidity, ash, calorific power and sulphur

    • Granula-rmetrical

    • Elemental (CHONS)

    • Composites for central operation control

    • Mineralogic

Evaluation of geological projects on materials sources


We count with professional specialists with more than 15 experience and hundreds of studied projects, excelling the largest dams in the country.

The location of the material banks is generally based upon the nearness to the working site; however, not only the logics of the exploitation is the critical parameter, composition and structure of the banks are also important. We count with petrographic laboratories, remote and geophysical perception which helps to locate the best banks for your work.

Volumes evaluation is an essential activity when deciding if exploiting a bank or not; for that matter, we count with mechanical experience on ground, rocks, geophysics, and topography, necessary disciplines in order to obtain the most accurate results.


Evaluation of geological and mining projects on reserves

We solve your mining resources exploring problems watching the environmental impact by means of:

  • Superficial topography of the ground with GPS and laser systems

  • Sample recovery drilling

  • Detailed regional geological cartography

  • Petrographycs geochemical, mineralogic and mineragraphic studies

  • Metal and non metal layers evaluation

  • Geophysical prospect

  • Mining reserves cubication

Plus, we offer in exploitation stage:

  • Environmental impact studies on different stages of the mining process

  • Lasting control


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