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 Population and infrastructure protection studies and counseling


Structure measurement and behavior analysis on civil works.


Seismological monitoring

We calculate the seismological and geological risk at which our works will be submitted by :

  • Installation and operation of seismological webs design

  • Seismological instrumentation for strong movements

  • Couneling regulations and regulatory standards development

Besides, we evaluate seismological sources that could endanger civil works locations.

The continuous watchfulness on Earth dynamic behavior is carried out through seismological instrumentation.


Meteorological prognosis for disaster prevention

  • Meteorological prognosis

  • Radars

  • Weather studies

  • Satellite images

  • Environmental meteorology

  • Superficial hydrology

Besides we count with an important hydro-weather information database.

Additionally,  meteorological and weather studies for civil works design are carried out, as well as agricultural activities and National Electric Sector planning.

Physical land systems and cathodic protection design and installation

Our specialized personnel offer a complete service on physical land systems installation, design, verification and improvement for transmission lines, buildings and works.

With an electric protection system your goods will be safe from atmospheric discharges, besides, we investigate the underground physical proprieties to design the adequate physical land system.

In aggressive terrains, avoid concrete deterioration and steel corrosion with cathodic protection.

Geotechnical studies to evaluate slopes stability and structure foundation design

Hydraulic studies on projects and designs for Infrastructure and villages protection works

Specialists on hydraulic works and superficial hydrology design, with 15 years experience on Civil Engineering and fluviatic hydraulics.


  • Hydraulic behavior simulation for rivers and inundation plains

  • Marginal protection and correction torrents works

  • Inundation control works

Analysis on alternatives

  • Investment projects economical evaluation

  • Analysis of risks for works increase

  • River rectification and redirection projects

Conseling on industrial safety and civil protection

Our objective is to offer enabling tool to establish Industrial Safety policies to direct its effects towards institutional goals fulfillment and preserve the workers physical integrity of workers, installations and processes.

Industrial Safety Administration System

  • Development, implantation and SASSO certification

  • Civil protection inner programs development and implantation

  • Physical security inner systems development

  • Identification of applicable regulations to the electric sector

  • Operative processes and working center performance improvement in industrial safety matters

  • Casualties prevention

  • Standard procedures and specifications

  • Promote and watch the right application of national and international ruling regulations

  • Set an industrial safety culture and promote danger identification and analysis, risks, control and/or elimination

  • Correction of non standard conditions in working centers

Safety and health in work places regulation NMX

  • NMX-SAST-001-IMNC-2000 >> Safety and health in working places administration system

  • NMX-SAST-002-IMNC-2000 >> Implementation of safety and health in working places administration system guide

  • NMX-SAST-003 >> Principles and vocabulary

  • NMX-SAST-004 >> Audits system


General features for the implantation of SASI

  • Diagnosis on occupational Health and Safety aspects inside the organization

  • Gather a SACPASI committee where people responsible for quality, environmental administration, industrial safety, security commissions and health and civil protection can be found

  • Recognize the ruling regulation apllying to the organization

  • Recognize danger and evaluate risks in every area throught out the company

  • Make everyone, at all levels, sensible and conscious

  • Define diffusion and communication programs

  • Study incidents and accidents occurred

  • Elaborate and check all administrative and operative procedures involved

  • Define emergency and contingency plans is required

  • Set indicators to evaluate the SASI performance

Evaluation, inspection and audits on industrial safety and civil protection

  • Studies on risks analysis

  • Inspection, evaluation and supervision to obey foreign regulations for electric installations

  • Technical OHSAS 18001 audits (national level only)

  • Verification of regulations executions

  • Audits on occupational health and safety system

  • Analysis of risks and danger recognition through several methods

  • Facilities level security evaluations

  • Civil protection technical evaluation

  • Verification proper use of personal protection equipment

  • Audits on industrial safety

  • Audits and technical inspections

  • Administrative and operative procedures verification

  • Working instructions verification

  • Physical conditions of fire webs

  • Detection, alarm and fire extinction systems well functioning verification

  • Emergency simulachres on industrial safety and civil protection

  • Inspection of equipment and installations

  • Investigation and analysis incidents and accidents

  • Damage evaluation and calculate the loss maximal probability (pmp)


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