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 Infrastructure development studies, design, construction and supervision

Basic engineering studies and dams and tunnels executive design

We solve your highly specialized engineering necessities for large civil works.

Site characterization

  • Basic engineering studies to define the adequate site for dam or tunnel construction and tunnels development

Economical proposal

  • Work and programming execution cost

Design considerations

  • Get hydraulical, geological, geomechanical, topographical and seismic building materials for a particular work

Design recommendations

  • Work type, concrete aggregates characteristics, ramparts, coating, supports, impermeability works, etc.

Oceanographic studies and port and maritime works design


  • Oceanographic and weather data processing Getting maritime structures design parameters

  • Coast works design

  • Hydrodynamics, diffusion, coast evolution and waves surge studies

  • Estimated erosion volumes of coast works

  • Define zones of dredged materials disposal

  • Measurements:  Water, waves surge, currents and tides physical parameters; air temperature, precipitation  and winds

  • Bathimetries

  • Beach profiles

  • Beach bottom material sampling

  • Supervision on coast works construction

  • Maritime and port terminals dimensions measurement for loading and unloading diverse materials

  • Coast protection works design

  • Contaminants diffusion and dispersion 

  • Dredging design and assistance

Geotechnical studies and pull dams design

In the geotechnical studies area we offer:
  • Ground, rocks and aggregates exploration and sampling

  • Geotechnical characterization

  • Concrete structures technical evaluation

  • Quality control and technical supervision

  • Superficial and deep foundations design

  • Exterior and underground digging designs

  • Artificial and natural slopes stability analysis

  • Drainage systems designs

  • Protection, treatment, support and improvement systems design for ground and rock masses

  • Concrete mixes design

  • Geotechnical and concrete specifications elaboration

Besides, we have specialized personnel to perform mining works studies, analysis and design such as:
  • Laboratory rehearsals for mining construction and mining residues storage

  • Mining residues and terrainal structures storage design

  • Water flow analysis through mining shafts

Pavement design


Building executive project

Architectonic and sculptural design

  • Optimize your building project resources relying on our experience

  • We guarantee fulfilling building specifications and regulations


  • Projects complete solution

    • Topographical elevation

    • Architectonical design

    • Structural calculating

    • Installations design

    • Basic budgets and specifications elaboration

Transmission lines executive projects

We guarantee fulfilling construction specifications of distribution and transmission lines
  • Optimize your resources confiding to us your distribution lines project installation
Transmission lines
  • 115 kv, 230 kv and 400 kv Transmission lines design at highway crosses based upon mechanical and electrical construction parameters
Work and base budget program
  • Distribution and transmission lines construction specifications

  • Law of public works and services related to them

Electrical mechanical civil work construction

During four decades, CFE has built the most important works of electromechanics and civil engineering in the country.

Outbuilding construction in works of hard access such as dams, slopes, tunnels, underground works, etc.
  • Building

  • Accesses

  • Borders

  • Canals

  • Cuts

  • Drainage systems

Civil work and electromechanic construction in electrical power conduction and communications structures.
  • Substations

  • Transmission lines

  • Deep wells installations

  • Ground systems

Rocky compacts treatment

We have the most experienced technicians on rocky masses treatment design and execution, and they are at your service to solve erosion problems, leaks in fluid containers or walls and declivity instability with actions like:

Blow concrete
  • Defines erosion, stables surface and underground walls bettering the slopes appearance
  • Improves terrain mechanical conditions through the use of cementing mixes
  • Relieves unwished pressures provoked by fluids in slopes and civil structures
  • Prevents big rocks landslips in slopes and underground and superficial walls

Works and administration projects supervision

Optimize your resources, giving to us the supervision and administration of your works.
  • Advances

  • Budgets

    • Estimated

    • Costs program

  • Resources

    • Labor

    • Materials

    • Machinery, equipment and tools

  • Project and specifications

  • Topography

  • Safety

  • Instrumentation

  • Quality Control

  • Ensuring quality

We guarantee to accomplish:

  • Work constructive specifications

  • Law of Public Work and Services Related with it

  • Evaluation and control of programs and advances

  • Costs engineering

  • Determine the real program of physical and finance advance

  • Quality control

  • Verify that applicable procedures to your work be employed

  • Elaboration of specifications

  • Unit prices analysis

Bathimetric studies

We offer, through batimetries and exhaustive profiles:
  • To design terminals and maritime works for liquid and solid  fuels loading and unloading

  • Coast and port protection works designs such as stings, docks, carriers free draught

  • Underground lines design

  • Dredging

We offer the bottom configuration of a water body to carry our batimetries on:

  • Canals

  • Lagoons

  • Rivers

  • Sea

Numerical simulation for taking decisions
We own technological infrastructure to develop works concerning:

Atmospheric flows

  • Elaboration of environmental impact manifests (MIA)

  • Prediction of the impact on a source

  • Gathering information for environmental audits

  • Results verification by environmental monitoring systems

  • Fullfilment verification of Air Quality Regulation

  • Emission sources design

  • Risk and safety studies

  • Contamination of exteriors

  • Contamination by particles

Underground flows

  • Rehabilitation strategies design

  • Supplying sources and contaminants evaluation

  • Integral and adequate handle strategies design of hydrological regions

  • Flow and transportation analysis of aquiferous systems

  • Evaluation on drainage strategies effectiveness

Surface free flow

  • Inundations and rivers redirection works control

  • Erosion and sediments deposit control

  • Calculating and control stoppage in dams

  • Venting structures design and operational policies

  • Hydraulic works performance checking and design

  • Morphological changes calculations in rivers and coasts

  • Beach protection and  jetty design

  • Analysis on residual water and residues deposits impact

  • Analysis on sediments transportation in rivers, dams, etc

  • Conducting of rivers, superficial and underground sources

  • Resonance analysis in ports

Topographic studies

We have developed a new and exclusive method for landed property demarcation; with it,  not only costs are reduced, but execution times too.

  • Accurate and reliable dates

  • Execution times improvement

  • Minimal environmental impact by eliminating opening breaches

Other services:
  • Federal zones demarcation

  • Batrimetic studies to determine the sea bottom and water stopping in dams, canals, rivers, coastal fronts and ports

  • Volume quantification for banks of materials, cuts or refilling in roads and civil works

  • Displacement monitoring in works

  • Communications means projects

  • Topobarimetric studies for hydraulic works design

Geographic information systems

This system enables to:
  • Digital format storage

  • Cartographic information digitalization interpreted from air photographs

  • Elevation digital models, gradients maps, hypsometric maps

  • Database linked to digital cartography

  • Geo-reffered geographic information

Engineering studies for operation installations


Electrical infrastructure modeling and design


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