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 Environmental engineering studies and counseling

Human settlements geological judgements

Recognizances  and evaluations are made and solutions given to geological risks on population and communications means to:

  • Save lives and reduce economical spends for injury

  • Locate areas for human settlement planning and safe urban development

  • Trace roads and highways on fit terrains

  • Potential risk zones evaluation for volcanic affectation

  • Identify instable declivities and slipping failures


Characterization and restoration  of contaminated aquiferous  geohydrological studies

We contribute to environmental prevention and participate in clean industry certification of refinery installations, Electric generation storage, distribution and centrals.

Backed up by highly qualified personnel with more than 15 years experience, we perform geohydrological studies pointed to reliable underground water supply such as:

  • HIP’S vapors detection, hydrocarbons sampling and vertical detection of underground water quality

  • Judgment of environmental impact on aquiferous layers by hydrocarbons contamination and its restoration

  • Physical chemical and bacteriological laboratory analysis

  • Monitoring wells drilling

Environmental impact manifests studies (MIA)

Every work requires an Environmental Impact Manifest, we are specialized in any of its fashions (regional or particular) focused on:
  • Banks of materials

  • Access ways

  • Ports construction and enlargement

  • Civil works construction of any kind

  • Terrain modifications

  • Environmental emissions

Also, when necessary we can perform:

  • Environmental preventive informs

  • Basic diagnosis on environmental impact

Get clean industry certificates


Design and location of air quality monitoring webs


Selecting sites for dangerous and municipal residues

We select the adequate site based upon Mexican Official Regulations and General Law of Environment Balance

Municipal residues:

  • The site is selected based upon geological, geophysical and geohydrological studies, by the use of advanced technics and modern technology

Dangerous residues:

  • The result will be the most adequate disposal system

Studies on water, soil, air contamination and handle of residues


Environmental evaluation to select sites and trajections to install industries


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