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 Civil engineering

Water supply studies and projects counseling

Wells diagnosis and water supply rehabilitation

Our  specialized team, offers complete diagnosis and rehabilitation services to water wells  for industry and human use.


  • Wells diagnosis by videotape and physical appraisement

  • Chemical characterization studies on residual, industrial and municipal water

  • Wells rehabilitation by mechanical and chemical means

  • Underground water quality studies


Geohydrological studies to control aquiferous layers working

Control studies are being carried out along with geohydrological following all over the country to ensure operating thermal electrical centrals supply.

In our laboratories, physicochemical and bacteriological analysis are made upon underground water and residual and natural water characterization.

Our personnel are constantly trained on field techniques; besides, we count with more than 20 years experience on aquiferous layers control and following.

Geohydrological projects for water supply

We are the only company in Mexico opffering a complete service on geohydrological studies.  Our personnel are highly qualified counting on more than 20 years experience.

We use the highest technology as in field procedures as in cabinet ´s such as:

  • Electric projects applied to geohydrology

  • Geohydrological units selection

  • Natural and residual waters characterization, supported by our laboratories.

Hydraulic studies on water supply and drainage works projects

We have specialists on hydraulic works and superficial hydrology design, with 15 years experience in different civil engineering and fluviatic hydraulic disciplines.

We perform:

  • Hydrological prognosis and balance in order to determinate design costs

  • Sites selection for thermal electrical centrals, cooling systems construction and water supply to  centers of population

  • Design and attention in complex webs and transitory phenomenon supported by specialized software

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