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 The company

What is CFE

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is a company created and owned by the Mexican government. It generates, distributes and markets electric power for almost 35.3 million customers. This figure represents almost 100 million people. The CFE incorporates more than a million new customers every year.

The infrastructure to generate electric power is made up of 209 generating plants, having an installed capacity of 52,515 megawatts (MW). 22.67% of its installed capacity stems from 22 plants which were built using private capital by Productores Independientes de Energía (PIE).

The CFE creates electric power using various technologies and various primary energy sources. It has thermoelectric, hydroelectric, coal-fired, geothermal and wind powered plants and facilities, as well as one nuclear power plant.

In order to take the power from its generating plants to the household of each one of its customers, the CFE has more than 756,000 Km. of power lines that transmit and distribute electric power.

Electricity reaches almost 190,000 communities (of these, 190,732 are not cities, while 3,667 are). Also, 97.60 % of the population uses electricity.

During the last decade, 42,000 solar modules have been installed in small communities very distant from large population centers. In the future, this technology will be the most widely used in the villages that do not have access to conventional electric power.

As to total sales volume, 99 % and the remaining 1 % is for export purposes.

Even if the household sector makes up 88.39 % of CFE’s customers, sales in this area represent 25.82 % of total sales to the general public. Inversely so, in the industrial sector, less than 1% of the customers make up more than half of the sales volume.

The CFE is also the government agency in charge of planning the national electrical system. Said plan is set forth in the Works and Investment Program of The Electrical Sector (POISE), which describes the evolution of the electrical market, as well as the expansion of the generation and transmission capacity, in order to satisfy the demand for electricity in the next ten years. This plan is annually updated.

CFE’s commitment is to offer excellent service, and as it guarantees high quality standards in all its processes, it rivals the best electrical companies in the world.

The CFE is a decentralized government agency, duly incorporated and which controls its own assets.

Última modificación: 9/15/2012